What is in a Name?

This is a topic I have always been interested in.  Where do people get their character names from?  Is there a story behind the names?  Is there a theme?

As I am asking the question, I’ll start it off.  My characters are named from my favourite series of books, The October Daye series by the author Seanan McGuire.


The series is about October Daye, a Changeling  who is neither belongs to the human world or the Faerie world.  The tenth book has just been released, and as an avid reader I just love them.  Seanan McGuire is  a pretty prolific author, and has written other series (she also writes horror/zombie novels under the name Mira Grant), but the October Daye books are my favourite.

Luidaeg is named after The Luidaeg, one of the first born fae.  She lives in San Fransico and is known as The Sea Witch.  Luidaeg is one of my favourite character in the series, hence me borrowing her name.  By the way, it’s pronounced “Lou-sha-k”, but I’m really not particular about that.  She’s a complicated character, and I can’t really say much more without spoiling her story that you find out during the novels.


My Names Luidaeg, and I’m an Altoholic

I have a problem.  And admitting having a problem is half the battle right?

I’m an altoholic.  There,  said it.

Luidaeg is at iLvl 910.  I’m working steadily through Argus, building her rep up, going back through older content, because I want the Hunter class mount and I need to get my rep up with the Armies of Legionfall to do that.  Being the filthy casual I am, I have no interest in pugging raids beyond LFR (The Kodo Dragoons aren’t raiding right now).  And as much as I love Mythic+ dungeons, my anxiety doesn’t allow me to do them outside of guild groups.  I got the Headless Horsemans mount years ago, so I don’t really need to farm him, but I want the Feline Familar pet so I need those sweet, sweet candies.

She looks pretty though , doesn’t she?


The problem is, once I hit end game, I get the urge to make a new character.  So I’ve created Rosynhwyr, a Blood Elf Death Knight.


The problem is, I am just not a grinder for the most part.  I don’t enjoy spending hours farming the same stuff over and over, and lets face it, Legion has a lot of grind.  So I like to keep my options open.



Oh, The Dilema…

I stopped playing WoW early tonight.  I have a big meeting tomorrow; It’s at a different site so I’m having to set off at 7.30am, and I am not a morning person.  Seriously, at that time I’m going to need coffee just to be coherant.  But anyway, I digress.  I switched off WoW (had just hit 867 ilevel too), and have been preparing for an early night.

And then I remembered.  It’s 17th October.

The new Welcome To Night Vale novel came out today.
I preorderd it on Kindle, and its in my library.  It’s beckoning to me.

There goes my early night.

I’m sure my marketing presentation will be fine, if incoherant.  My boss will understand.

Terrific Tuesday

As much as I like Hatis default appearance, I couldn’t wait to get hold of the Essence Swapper  so I could make them match my favourite pets.  But the quest to get the Essence Swapper is… Frustrating to say the least.

A New Invention is a BM Hunter quest you get at 100.  You need to get an item from four different mobs in different areas.  Three of the drops are easy enough to get, you just have to farm the correct mobs until it drops.  But one of the items is not so easy to get.  It drops from Seabound Mystics in north west Highmountain.  Doesn’t sound too hard, but the damn things don’t always spawn.  Instead, some of the time you get Seabound Soliders/Officers.  And for four days, all I ever found was the Soldiers/Officers.  My laptop nearly went out the damn window.

Then today I logged on, hit the quest area, and finally!!! Mystics!!  So I finally got the final quest item, and got my Essence Swapper.



So I decided to see if my luck would hold out and head off to Duskwood to try and get my ultimate pet, Lightning Paw, the rare spirit fox that spawns there.  I’d been going there for a while and never had any luck finding it.  And whaddaya know…


I may have squeed slightly.  Good job my husband is at work.

Now if I could just get a grey Lothien Prowler mount I’d have a matching set!


Anyway, now to get on with the Argus quest line.

New Blog, New Start

It’s been a while since I had a blog.  Life kind of got in the way.

But a few weeks ago, after burning out on World of Wacraft, I started to get nostalgic.  Though most of the time I have played Alliance, I started off Horde side.  I played an Undead Priest called Caisha, back on Shadowsong EU.  She’s still around somewhere, I have transferred more than once.  But anyway, back to now.

I decided to start fresh, and rolled an Undead Hunter on Steamwheedle Cartel EU.  Then I remembered why I can’t do with Undead… Knees and Elbows.  I love the Undead as a race, but the boney knees and elbows just don’t do it for me, and ruin any transmog.  So I did a Blood Elf Hunter.  And rather than waste money on a character boost, I levelled her up the old fashioned way.

Meet Luidaeg.


Since rerolling I have discovered a new passion for the game.  I hit 110 a few nights ago, and am taking my time doing the end game content, and collecting pets.  I’m in no rush to raid.  I am, after all, a filthy casual.

I joined a nice guild, The Kodo Dragoons.  Whats nice is they are fun, chatty people, but don’t do the sexist, homophobic bilge that some guilds think is good.


Anyway.  Lets see what the future has in store!